A Letter From Our President

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that as you travel through our site you will come to understand the commitment we have shown since our founding in 1996.

One of the more frequent questions I’m asked is how we came up with the name. It really wasn’t a marketing ploy, but a direct, honest attempt to let you know what we want to be about, and that we are, by choice, a little unique. Webster defines integrity as “steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code”. For us, that “code” includes to “do justly, and walk humbly”…. dealing with honesty and in fairness. That’s what we want to be about. Please hold us accountable to our name—that’s one of the reasons I opted to use “integrity”. We welcome your scrutiny, as I believe that our openness and accountability will foster long-term business relationships that ultimately go beyond the “business”.

We do not provide any sales pitches here. That is not how we want to begin our relationship with you. If you’re looking for entertainment and/or production, we’d be happy to follow up on an individual basis, but it will be based upon what we can do to help you rather than “sell” you. Our long-standing relationships with our current clients are a testament to the fact that we work hard to make sure your experience is an enjoyable one, and beneficial to all parties.

The product we sell is service. That means you have to trust our ability to provide that service, and our willingness to do so in your best interest. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust.


Randy Wright, President